Bollywood Ka Boss to start airing 6 January


MUMBAI: India’s first-ever Bollywood-based quiz show Bollywood Ka Boss will start airing on Filmy Channel from 6 January. Hosted by Boman Irani the show takes off at 9 PM and carries a grand prize of Rs 50 lakhs for the winners.

Bollywood Ka Boss producer Siddharth Basu says, “A lot of research has gone into creating a show with this format. Boman is a big plus for the show, what with his love for Bollywood and his huge fan following.”

About 240 people have been short-listed through SMSes who would contest for the Bollywood Ka Boss title. Ten people will contest in each episode for the ‘Boss ki Gaddi’ that allows them to win Rs 10,000 for each correct answer.

Filmy business head Shailesh Kapoor says, “The show fits perfectly into the brand image of Filmy. The channel revolves around Bollywood, enjoying and living every aspect of Hindi cinema. The content of Bollywood Ka Boss is interesting and thus very addictive.”