Brands make presence felt in Jaan-E-Mann

MUMBAI: Bollywood and brands have now become synonymous with each other. Whether it is Bollywood stars endorsing brands or brands making their presence made in films these days, this partnership is getting stronger by the day.


Saajid Nadiadwala’s Jaan-E-Mann, which hits cinema screens on 20 October has many a brands present.


Spykar Jeans has been showcased in the film in the song ‘Udh Janaa,’ which is picturized on Salmaan Khan, Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta. It is a song performed by Salmaan for a college show. “Thus the brand fits well in the song and targets its young college students who will be watching the film. Moreover the actors wear jeans in the film so Spykar gets associated with that too,” says Mates India CEO Darshana Bhalla, who has coordinated brands in the film. 


Another brand that has been used well but in surplus is Bournvita. “The script came with a demand to use Bournvita because it fitted the script perfectly with the actors mentioning the brand name in their dialogues and also with a product shot,” reveals Bhalla.


Anupam Kher plays a dwarf in the film, who is mockingly addressed as ‘bauni’. So the rhyme of Bournvita and Bauni is used to poke fun at him and adds humor to the film. But the dialogues spoil the fun when the actors mention the brand name 10 times in a four minute scene.


Another brand that has been placed in the film is Diet Coke. But what seems rather strange is the fact that Akshay Kumar, who is a Thums Up brand ambassador, is involved in the scene where Preity and Aman Verma are ordering Diet Coke.


Inorbit mall in Mumbai has also been shown in the film, but not with the objective of in-film branding. It was used just to enhance the look of the film. Another such brand used is an international designer wear Armani Exchange. When Salmaan wants to give Akshay a makeover, he takes him to the A/X showroom in New York. Moreover Salmaan has also been shown wearing A/X vest in a scene and the brand has been visibly focused at.


“Armani has not been used as an in-film advertising brand. It was used to uplift the look of the film,” reveals Bhalla.

Rohini Bhandari

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