Brands pump Rs 100 million in Chandni Chowk To China marketing


    MUMBAI: After the marketing success that was Ghajini, with brands pumping in an estimated Rs 140 million (Rs 14 crores) in promoting the film, the next in line is the Akshay Kumar starrer Chandni Chowk to China (CC2C).

    While Ghajini’s promotions relied heavily on viral and conventional media campaigns, CC2C is what one would call a rationalized campaign designed at attracting the consumer. According to information available with, the brand tie ups and promotion around CC2C are estimated at Rs 100 million (Rs 10 crores).

    With the movie slated to release in a couple of days, the promotional campaign has been in full swing. As reported earlier, the first of the tie ups around CC2C was kicked started by Thums Up at the end of 2008, with an ad featuring Akshay Kumar. The bottles sport Akshay Kumar in his CC2C wear.

    A comprehensive outdoor publicity campaign highlighting the association between the brand and the movie is also on. Speaking exclusively to Coca Cola director-marketing Kashmira Chadha said, "This film is Akshay Kumar’s return to action. As a brand we are also associated with the film and Akshay Kumar. We have launched special edition bottles; we have made special jackets for a few cassettes and CDs. The commercial has been directed by Nikhil Advani himself. For this film we have gone beyond the conventional media. We are looking at the campaign to span for about a month across all channels."  

    And that’s not all! Another brand that is gearing up to go the long mile is Lays. The brand has associated with the film and will also be carrying out a promotional campaign around the film. According to information available, Lays is set to carry out an extensive campaign that will be spread across multiple media including television, print and outdoor.

    In addition to Thums Up and Lays, Tip-Top Point has designed exclusive jewelry for the film. Speaking to, Tip-Top Point partner Rajesh Chedda said, "We designed jewelry for the film, including the Om pendant Akshay Kumar wears in the film." The company, in addition to designing the jewelry, is also selling the line at its stores. They are also handing out free audio CDs of the film following the purchase of the line.

    Furthermore free tickets for the film are being given to lucky draw winners. While the association of the FMCG brands gives the film the needed mileage and visibility, the association with this jewelry brand proves to be a small yet crucial interaction point between the consumers and the film.

    Jet Airways too have been integrated in the film as an in-film placement. Speaking about this producer of the film Rohan Sippy said, "We have a few scenes where Jet Airways have been integrated in the film. They have been extremely supportive."

    Apart from the branded associations that are aimed at the target audience, a whole lot of content comprising the music and trailers of the film are featured across all music channels. Marketable content has also been created through shows surrounding the film.

    While Akshay Kumar appeared on MTV Roadies, the film was also well integrated on award shows like Lux Sabsey Favourite Kaun and Star Plus programming. Similarly media partners like MTV, NDTV, and Pogo stand to give the film good visibility with the making of the film and other content surrounding the film shot.

    Similarly, on the online medium multiple portals are running contests where in movie tickets, autographed CDs and merchandise are being offered. In addition to this an online game around the film has also been created to ensure interactivity. What is more is that perhaps for the first time we are seeing a commercial Bollywood movie go all out internationally.

    In a conversation with Sippy said, "The most significant tool for any film is good word of mouth. There is nothing better that can be called a better driver than positive word of mouth for a film. Especially today, when movie going is expensive."

    After Ghajini’s unprecedented run at the box office, the threshold that CC2C will touch, remains to be seen.