Breaking ‘Bigg Boss 8’ : Secret Society Members To Be Sent To House


Secret-ReveledBreaking ‘Bigg Boss 8’ : Secret Society Members To Be Sent To House. On the next episode of Bigg Boss season 8 with Salman Khan  the balance members of the secret society Deepshika and Rj will be in the house with the other 12 contestants . Puneet Issar from the secret society is already in the house with the inmates .

This is going to be an interesting twist with more to come ,. From the looks of it this years twists are going to start this week . Once all the secret society comes into the house, the politics will only increase with the other members of the secret society joining Puneet Issar. Puneet is already having a tough time as the outsider and was told off very clearly bu Upen Patel not to disrupt the workings of the house and to work in tandem with everyone. He also said that they have created a system and Puneet should be not be disturbing it .

Other members of the house have also started talking behind Puneet. Arya Babbar the most diplomatic of the lot till now said , “H is their senior to us outside the house and we respect him, but inside the bigg boss house they are all contestants and are there to play the game .

With new twists promising to come , Bigg Boss season 8 has just begun . Watch this space for more exclusive breaking stories on Salman Khan ‘s Bigg Boss 8 .

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