Breaking ‘ Bigg Boss 8 : Guess Who Is Next Contestant In Secret Room ?


Sonali-Revealed01Today as Sonali Raut was shown as the first eviction of the Bigg Boss Season 8 episode, we at can now confirm to you that Sonali Raut will be back in the house this week in a secret room.  This new twist after the secret society members have all joined the contestants  inside the house .

With all the stuff that was going on in the house on the eviction day, Sonali being in the secret room is definitely going to be an interesting twist.

Sonali was made to sit on the chair by the house mates as the contestant who is most likely to go from the Bigg Boss 8 house.  Even Salman Khan made sure he rubbed this point onto Sonali at the eviction show with Sonali Raut. The fact that although all of them voted for Natasha to be sent from the Bigg Boss house, and even though Sonali was nominated by the secret society all the members said her name when Salman asked them who is most likely to go out.

Sonali who was in shock and managed to control herself quite well at this incident also does not know that she is going to be back in the secret room.

What happens next is definitely going to be very interesting , as Sonali observes and gets certain privileges and special rights from Big Boss.

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