Can Priyanka Chopra rescue Hurman Baweja?


What's Your Raashee?
What’s Your Raashee?
MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra is all set to unleash the 12 sides of the various zodiac signs in her latest film, What’s Your Rashee? Keeping her company in this film is ex-flame Hurman Baweja. The duo were a hot item whilst the film was being shot, but now they have gone their separate ways and one also sees that the duo are yet to step out together to promote the film.

With Baweja ‘s both films, Love Story 2050 and Victory crashing at the box office, the producers of the film are moving about in a cautious manner. A close aide of director Ashutosh Gowarikar tells, "The publicity of the film is only geared towards Priyanka. We do not want any negative publicity and so have intentionally kept Hurman out of all publicity. Hurman will only be doing interviews post the release of the film, when his performance is appreciated. We are confident of Hurman’s caliber but we would prefer that his acting does the talking initially."

Just as in Kareena Kapoor’s case when she was shooting for Jab We Met with then boyfriend Shahid Kapur, she broke up with him even whilst the film’s shooting was almost complete. The duo refused to promote the film together, but the film went on to become a huge hit and resurrected Shahid’s career and took it to new heights. The same story is now being played out with Chopra and Baweja. Wonder if Chopra’s parting gift to Baweja can be of those proportions…