CandyDate Jobs to partner Salman Khan’s Being Human

    MUMBAI: Human resource consultancy firm CandyDate Jobs plans to tie up with Salman Khan’s charity foundation Being Human.
    "We plan to support the noble cause, we have over 2.5 million job seekers and 65,000 employers registered with us and hence we can approach them. Salman’s image is now changed, he is no longer a bad boy, what happened few years back is now history," said CandyDate Jobs CEO Rahul Malhotra.
    CandyDate Jobs will sell Being Human merchandise via it’s official portal and expects to raise over Rs 30 million (Rs 3 crore) in charity every quarter. The merchandise includes watches, clothing and accessories.
    "Being Human Foundation and it’s merchandise is now in trend and the world loves to carry the brand on there body. Being Human has a mass appeal and is more popular than CRY and UNICEF," said CandyDate Jobs HR manager Charu Shukla.