Cannes Bends rules for Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroop

Kamal Hassan
MUMBAI: Seldom before, if ever, has the world’s most prestigious film festival at Cannes bent its rules to accommodate an Indian film in its posh competitive section. But that is exactly what the Cannes Film festival is willing to do for Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroop. Apparently the Cannes directorate has shown a keen interest in Kamal Haasan’s purported magnum opus, so much so that they have agreed to extend their March 15 deadline to accommodate the film.
Kamal Haasan is at the moment, burning the midnight oil dubbing the film in its two versions in Hindi and Tamil during the daytime, and completing the last lap of the shooting during the night-time.
Unlike the bogus claims by every other filmmaker in India about their products going to Cannes each year when in fact any film from any part of the world can “go” to Cannes and set up a  voluntary promotion and marketing stall in the scenic city during the film festival in May, Vishwaroop would formally enter into the competitive section at the Cannes film festival.
Says Kamal Haasan, “At the moment I can’t discuss  my plans for Cannes, because we’re really trying hard to complete the film on time. But yes the Cannes film festival is keen on having Vishwaroop. I am in constant touch with Christian Jeune from the Festival. She’s keeping track  of our progress.” Admitting that the deadline for the submission of films for consideration at Cannes has been specially extended for Vishawaroop Kamal Haasan says, “A 9-member Cannes jury will view the film and then decide its fate. I am confident we’ve made a remarkable film, and no endorsement is required from any organization. But Cannes is special. We’re definitely doing our best to get there on time.”
Work is on  at a war footing. Kamal Haasan has invited a special dialogue coach in Tamil and Hindi to get all the artistes’ dubbing in place. Atul Tiwari who has for long been associated with Govind Nihalani, is supervising the Hindi dialogues.