Cannes Fest director to select Indian films

    MUMBAI: It’s time for Indian filmmakers to put the final touches to their masterpieces as the selection for the Cannes Film Festival looms ahead.
    Cannes International Film Festival director of the department of films Christian Jeune is all set to preview and select films for the 2008 Cannes Film Festival Awards. Between 27 January and 3 February 2008, Jeune will be watching the prospective entries at the NFDC Preview Theatre Mumbai.
    All films, to be eligible for entry, should have been produced in the last twelve months and shouldn’t have been released anywhere but the country of origin. Any international film festival exposure or internet exhibition will also disqualify the films from entry into the Cannes Film Festival. A complete list of requirements may be found at
    To submit entries, film-makers/producers/distributors need to send their prints to the following address:
    National Film Development Corporation Ltd.
    Discovery of India Bldg.
    6th Floor, Nehru Centre
    Dr. A. B. Road
    Worli, Mumbai – 400 018.
    The print of the movie must be accompanied by a complete cast and crew list and other details as mentioned in the official Cannes website.