Cannes invites Onir to attend Producers Network

MUMBAI: Onir couldn’t have asked for more. First he won the National Award for "I AM" and now the director has received an official invitation from Cannes to be part of the film festival’s Producers Network.

"I am on seventh heaven right now. With all this good news coming my way, I feel rejuvenated once again. First, the award and now this, it’s overwhelming. It still has to sink in. I cannot thank my friends and everyone who has supported me enough," Onir said in a statement.

The first of its kind, crowd-sourced mainstream Hindi film "I AM" had been co-produced by over 400 people from 35 cities across the world. The film tells four stories woven together and takes audiences through issues and dilemmas that bruise the modern Indian society.

With three films in production, the director plans to pitch the projects and discuss them at length at the Producers Network.

Both, Onir and his partner actor-producer Sanjay Suri will be present at the session.

"This year Sanjay and I will be producing three films – ‘Chauranga’, ‘Coach Kameena’ and my own directorial venture ‘Shab’. It is exciting that we will have the chance to present the projects there," said Onir who has also directed films like "My Brother Nikhil" and "Bas Ek Pal".