Film: Cash
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Producer: Anubhav Sinha, Sohail Maklai and Anish Ranjan
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, Esha Deol, Shamita Shetty, Suniel Shetty, Dia Mirza
Music Director: Vishal – Shekar
Damned if you have, damned if you don’t!

Three diamonds, two heists, four murders, one double-cross, one double-crosser who is triple-crossed, one misunderstanding, one fatal error called trust and beneath it all, friendship and love. Welcome to a world of the cash, by the cash, for the cash.

A set of three unique diamonds, mined in India in 1779, almost ruined the career of Divya Gupta in 2005. This set of three has travelled around the world over the past few centuries. Sometimes as a set, sometimes as single stones. From India to France in 1881 to England in 1901 to… well, it’s difficult to trace the exact journey of these three. Two of them surfaced in 1986 and were promptly acquired by the mafia.

They are currently with a man who is the undisputed CEO of mafia operations, South Africa. His name, or so his passport says, is Mr. Francis Augustine D’mello. < Page Break >

This man desperately needs the third to complete the set. The estimated price of the set: 100 crores. All his work, dirty or clean, legal or illegal, right or wrong, big or small is done under the supervision of his most trusted man: Vikram Singh Goyal a.k.a. The Mint (word is that he is one of the coolest around and is actually quite a refreshing personality) Not even Mint knows that his boss has the two diamonds that are etched in history.

When Sanjeev Khanna’s 79 years old father died, he had no idea hell would break loose. His lawyer called him and told him a short story. A story about how the missing third diamond was always with his father. Sanjeev being an honest citizen decided to give the diamond to the Indian authorities.

Being in South Africa, he straight went to the Indian Embassy in Cape Town. He handed over the diamond to the embassy and walked out. For him the chapter was over. But for a wild bunch of people, some in SA and some in India, the story had just begun.< Page Break >

Divya Gupta is the head of security at the Indian embassy in Cape Town and responsible for the safety of the diamond. Her job is to transport the diamond safely to the airport, from where it would be on its way to New Delhi. Her problem: Her boyfriend. She doesn’t know it yet, nor does he. Her boyfriend, Ajay, is a top-drawer conman. But she doesn’t know it. That’s what makes him top drawer.

He can hide his career even from the woman he lives with. His current assignment: To rob a convoy that is headed for the airport. He does not know, and will not for a long time, that this is not a private convoy like it is made out to be but an official one headed by his girlfriend. The best conman in the country is misled by: Mint, who wants the diamond for his boss. Mint still doesn’t know that his boss has the other two. He will change his mind and kill his boss when he finds out but that is later.

The job is tough. Ajay is going to need help. Now one but two more men needs to be put on it. He knows two men in Mumbai who specialize in these kind of high-risk-higher-stakes-highest-adventure jobs. But the trouble with them is that they don’t work together. They can’t stand each other. Reason: They are in love with the same girl. A girl with whom they were a team. A great team of cons. When love interfered, the girl decided to move out. < Page Break >

She was in love with one of them. Her problem was that she could not face the other one and tell him that. So both of them, she and the man she loved, decided to break up and never see each other again. Their third buddy, till today doesn’t know the real reason of the split. But he knows that his friend is responsible for it.

Hence the hate. The girl: Sania. Current Location: Cape Town. Ajay’s problem: To get them to do the job for him, without telling them that the other one is on to it as well. Ajay’s plan: To make there jobs look like two stand alone jobs. Simple. Akshay does the first job. Alone. Because he does that job, it becomes possible for Zayed to do the second job. Alone. Because job one and two are done, it becomes possible for Ajay to do the third job. A relay heist. A chain reaction robbery. Ajay succeeds and fails at the same time.

The job is done. And after it is done, he realizes that he has put his girlfriend in trouble. He also realizes one more detail. His girlfriend too has put him in trouble. How: The money he robs as a part of the job is marked by the embassy. He and his partners have marked money, which they have already started spending. Divya still doesn’t know he is the one, but she will now. Once the third diamond comes to Mint. He doesn’t give it to his boss. Instead, he gives him lead. .22 caliber lead. And takes the other two diamonds. Now Mint has the set of three. And the set of three heroes are in trouble.< Page Break >

The game begins. Now they have to rob the diamond back from Mint and put it in the embassy before the police and Ajay’s girl find out the truth. But there is also a lot more that they find out. The fact that Ajay made Zayed and Akshay work together. The fact that they ended up helping each other. The facts that they still were best friends.

The fact that Sania actually loved Akshay and not Zayed. The fact that Zayed now had to get them together. And the fact that Divya was soon finding clues that this robbery had something to do with someone she might know. At least till the point the diamond was returned. But Sania didn’t. She was kidnapped by Mint.

The three diamonds set out for India. But the guys made sure of one thing: They would not reach India before they completed their respective stories, become heroes and got hot on the heals of the cool Mint.