Censor-board clears Ishaqzaade with ‘UA’ certificate



MUMBAI: The censor-board is finally growing up. A kinetic raw and edgy Hindu-Muslim romance has just gotten itself a ‘PG’ rating by the censor-board, and with no cuts whatsoever!

Yup, it’s an all-clear for Yashraj Films’ Ishaqzaade. Thereby ended a week of immense tension for director Habib Faizal who had secretly expressed grave misgiving on how the censor-board would react to the volatile theme and mature content of his love story.

Interestingly Habib Faizal made it clear to the censor-board at the outset that his film was not meant for under-age viewership.

On Wednesday afternoon the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) viewed the film.

The screening ended with Ishaqzaade being seen suitable for juvenile viewing under parental guidance. The ‘PG’ declaration would have to be made in a 24-font announcement in the publicity and hoardings.

That apart the film sailed through its fire by censorship unscathed.

Says the CBFC’s CEO, “Ishaqzaade got a ‘UA’ certification without cuts. Director Habib Faizal agreed that his film was an intense love story and that he and his team would not like children below 12 to watch it without parental guidance. The producers have been asked to mention the  ‘PG’ rating on all the posters and publicity material.”