Chak De India


Film: Chak De India

Cast: Shahrukh Khan

Directed by: Shimit Amin

Produced by: Aditya Chopra

Music: Salim-Sulaiman

Release Date: 10 August 2007


One man, a coach who returns to the game seven years after he was disgracefully ousted from it as a player, mentors a hockey team of young and feisty girls. Their determination, ambition and skills are put to test in an ultimate contest with the world’s top teams. For the girls it is a chance to make their nation proud. For their coach it is a chance to reclaim his lost honour.

Directed by Shimit Amin (who made the hard-hitting Ab Tak Chhappan) and it stars Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role as the coach of Indian girls’ hockey team.