Charlie’s Angels producer Leonard Goldberg visits Whistling Woods Campus


Mumbai: Leonard Goldberg, producer of Charlie’s Angels, visited Whistling Woods International campus recently.

Talking about his experience he said, " I was met by this amazing group of people who are so dedicated and passionate and they show me their plans for the future. I had an opportunity to look through the school and to see how the students are getting the real life experience. Then I had an opportunity to speak to the students which I thoroughly enjoyed, I think this is a fabulous place and the future of films in India is in very good hands".

Goldberg has served as head of programming for ABC and president of Twentieth Century-Fox.  Under his aegis, the studio produced films as Broadcast News, Big, Die Hard, Wall Street, and Working Girl. Under his own banner he produced WarGames, Sleeping with the Enemy, Double Jeopardy, and Charlie’s Angels.

"I have visited a number of schools and I think the difference here at WWI is the real life experience and I think that is the key. The people who have succeeded in their business as teachers are allowing the students to work on projects. I saw a young sound mixer student working on a commercial trailer for a movie that is opening next month. I think that is incredible and invaluable", he said while speaking about what he feels about the formal education being provided for film & entertainment."