Charu Khandal’s family campaigns against Drinking and Driving

Charu Khandal
MUMBAI: On 25 March, 2012 Ra.One’s national award winning animator Charu Khandal was returning home in an auto rickshaw, accompanied by her sister and friend. Celebration turned to horror when Manoj Kumar, under the influence of alcohol, was speeding his car and rammed into the rickshaw.

Now, Charu is in a state of coma, battling for her life. Doctors have stated that even if she survives, life will not be the same. Her near and dear ones are very angered by the unfortunate accident. "Who gave that drunk man the right to decide that she’ll spend the rest of her life bedridden?" said one of her friends.

Meanwhile Kumar, who was arrested and booked immediately after the accident, has been let off on bail with a surety of a nominal sum.