Chatterjee summoned by ATS Chief S Raghuvanshi

Director Ujjwal Chatterjee’s next film Life TV, which is based on the serial blasts in India, was recently summoned by ATS Chief S Raghuvanshi at their office in Mumbai.

“Yes it’s true, I was asked by ATS chief S Raghuvanshi to report to their office in Mumbai. After the story broke on, many journalists from different newspapers contacted me for my interviews and I was even interviewed by BBC.

This interview was seen by S Raghuvanshi, and he asked me to report to his office. So next day, I went there and he asked me what the movie is about.I narrated the storyline, which is about how Pakistan’s ISI plans to destabilize our country by confusing the minds of Indian Muslim boys in the name jihad, and how Indian Muslims were targeted after the blast. I want show in my film, that all Muslims are not terrorists. Out of the several people who lost their lives in the blasts, many were Muslims.

S Raghuvanshi was very pleased with the story and has given me the assurance that he will extend his help to the film,” said Chatterjee.

“Life TV is based on Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s novel Mausam. My wife and I have done a lot of research work before starting this project. The movie is produced by Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Limited and budgeted around Rs 40 million (Rs 4 crores), and will roll in December. The film will showcase several unpleasant incidents that have occurred in India,” added the filmmaker.

Life TV will be shot in Kashmir, Gujarat and Mumbai. Ujjwal is also making a movie for a Pakistani producer Zahid Basir on the life of Pakistan’s president General Musharraf, titled Musharraf.

By Johnny Vaz

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