Cinemax and UFO to show IPL T20 in cinemas


MUMBAI: Cinemax has joined hands with UFO as exhibition partner for the display of the IPL T20 matches in the cinemas. As a founding exhibition partner Cinemax will be offered preferred terms and benefits. UFO Moviez has tied up with Entertainment and Sports Direct to bring cricket to the cinemas.  

UFO Moviez joint managing director Kapil Agarwal said, "This is the beginning of a new era in cinema entertainment. IPL-T20 in the theatres will give the viewers a never before seen stadium like immersive experience. Viewers sitting in cinema halls will feel the pulsating excitement of the cricket match happening hundreds of miles away. Our USP would be that the matches shown in cinemas will be in high-definition format without advertisements during playtime. Cricket is typically a spectator sport watched in the company of friends and that is exactly what we aim to provide."

Cinemax senior vice president Devang Sampat said, "This is a moment of great rejoice for our patrons. We have always encouraged alternate-content and have been instrumental in offering the display of cricket matches in the past as well. Our association with UFO is long standing and with IPL T20 matches being shown in cinemas we will be furthering our vision statement of bringing the best in world class entertainment to the cinema going audiences. IPL T20 will be unique experience for the viewers. We intend to recreate the carnival like magic of the stadium inside the cinema. The audience will feel as if they are watching cricket in the stadium. We will offer special IPL merchandise, food bazaars, celebrity visits, etc. We feel that the high definition experience will be a great draw and will be the ideal content for cinemas since during the time of the IPL there are no major releases."

This will be the first time a multiplex chain will be exhibiting alternative content in cinemas across the country.