Cinemax revenues cross Rs 1 billion mark


MUMBAI: Cinemax India Limited has posted a gross income of Rs 1.02 billion (Rs 102.40) crore on a consolidated basis for the year ended 31 March 2007.

The company’s total income for the financial year 2007 on stand alone basis has been pegged at Rs 710.5 million (Rs 71.05 crore) as against Rs 438.6 million (Rs 43.86 crore) of financial year 2006, an increase of 163 per cent.

The company’s board of directors has recommended a dividend of 15 per cent on pro rata basis. Cinemax has calculated an increase in footfalls this financial year up by 142 per cent from 36,70,000 to 52,00,000. The company has registered an EBITDA of Rs 277.3 million (Rs 27.73 crore) on consolidated basis which accounts for 27 per cent of the total revenues.

Post the launch of its multiplex property in Guwahati, Cinemax now has a total of 38 screens spread across 12 locations.