Cinemax starts prepaid ticket booking cards

MUMBAI: The Cinemax chain of cinema theatres has launched pre-paid movie cards, which enable viewers to book tickets online.


The Power Card facility has been developed in association with Done Cards and will be available exclusively for the movies being showcased at Cinemax, say sources.


These cards will be akin to personal pre-paid Cinemax ticketing accounts, which can be used for internet movie ticket booking instead of credit cards.


Each card will be valid for one year. Cinemax will also put up kiosks near the box office with an internet connection, to enable clients to book tickets. The card is being offered in denominations of Rs 100 to Rs 10,000 at all Cinemax locations.


Cinemax general manager marketing and sales Devang Sampat says that the facility will take away much of the stress associated with booking tickets, caused by hectic lifestyles and cumbersome transportation in Mumbai.

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