CNN’s Talk Asia to interview Karan Johar


MUMBAI: As part of its new series Eye on India, CNN’s Talk Asia will air an exclusive interview with Bollywood director Karan Johar.

The episode will be aired on 17 March at 6 am and will be repeated at 21:30 hrs.

Another repeat airing of the same will be on 18 March at 7 am and 7.30 pm.

Excerpts from the interview:

On marriage, infidelity and his latest film: “I just felt infidelity was rampant and it was almost like it was surrounding me at every level. I just felt like this story needed to be told…. I was not trying to promote or endorse infidelity because you can’t promote something that’s already sold out. I was just trying to kind of tell you that to get married, think about it and marry for the right reasons because sometimes I felt, whether in my country or anywhere else, people were succumbing to the institution for the wrong reasons.”

On coming out of the closet: “I’m not saying people can scream from the rooftops if they are gay. I don’t think they can do that today. Yes it’s far more often there are spaces where you can, there are spaces now for the gay people, and there are people who have come out, and people are very comfortable around them. Ten years ago, it was a little tougher, ten years later, as in today, its much easier. A decade later it will be even easier…. I think yes alternative sexuality is definitely a reality and it’s definitely being more and more accepted with every passing day.”

On Bollywood: “On various levels I felt I was almost cheating my narrative by including these songs, I felt lip synch is something that was a bit bothersome on many levels so I feel today if I had to make a film that was so real and talking about such a real subject, I may not have a lip synching situation song where they are singing. You and I, if we were going though a bad marriage or succumbing to infidelity, we wouldn’t suddenly start singing at a party. You know we wouldn’t do that. So that’s something I would like to avoid in the future.”