Critically acclaimed cinema thrive on DVDs


MUMBAI: In a seemingly new trend seen, critically acclaimed movies are doing well on DVD charts. This trend is interesting as the movies are not only outselling blockbusters on DVD but are also doing better than their own theatrical performances.

The Last King of Scotland, which won the Oscar for its lead actor Forrest Whitaker, has been an example of the trend. The movie, which enjoyed moderate success during its theatrical release has been a resonant success on DVD. The real life account of the infamous Ugandan Dictator Idi Amin was ruling the DVD charts for continuous weeks.

Little Miss Sunshine, another Oscar winner has also been a winner on DVD. The comic tale of an eccentric family, which won the best film award at the Oscars and Golden Globe respectively has been in the top five DVDs since its release a month ago. The film entails a hilarious bus ride undertaken by the endearing family to rally around its youngest member, a little girl who is en-route to participate in the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ pageant in far-off California.
Confirming the trend, Excel Home Videos managing director M N Kapasi says, “Individualistic choice and expression, which always had a latent demand in India is now finding voice. As the theatrical experience is a social outing, critically acclaimed movies lose out due to consensus in choice. Now with Increased hardware penetration and rising living standards plus aspirations, there has been definite impact in viewing patterns and the scattered audiences for such movies are helping in creating DVD blockbusters.”
The latest in the trend, is Apocalypto, the Mel Gibson directed period drama that chronicles the end of the mysterious Mayan culture that existed in ancient Central America. The movie, which received thumbs up from the critics and has been doing well on the DVD charts since release.

Musicland, Delhi’s Sanjay Dexter adds, â€œWith such a trend taking shape, its time that marketers and producers rethink their strategies and lay more emphasis on home video marketing for movies that are tailor made for the DVD market.”