Croatian Girl will be Bollywood Star

Mumbai : “More experience can help you appreciate the beauty better”, said Dev Anand, while describing his feelings on seeing the beauty of Croatia through photographs.

Calling Croatia the “Nature’s favorite abode,” he shared his enthusiasm about his six day visit to Croatia starting on 16 June. Croatia is the land of “the beautiful nature and the naturally beautiful”, he said smiling, referring to the beautiful Croatian girls.

The world may soon see a Croatia actress in an Indian movie, he hinted. He mentioned that he is very interested in finalising some locations for shooting of his next movie in Croatia. When asked about his forthcoming movies, he revealed that he has finished the scripts of two movies, one of which is based on the behind-the-curtain machinations in the international beauty contests. This movie will need many European actresses, said his son and fellow producer, Suneil Anand. Niko Bulic, President, Croatian National Tourist Board and Dino Debeljuh, Croatian ambassador to India had met Dev Anand in April and introduced him to the wonders of Croatia. “They charmed the charmer,” said Dev Anand while praising their efforts to promote their country. “I am going to Croatia because of both of them only”, he said.

Niko Bulic has been the leading force behind this initiative and he had met Dev Anand personally to persuade him to visit Croatia. He had also showed him the enchanting videos and photographs of Croatian locations which got Anand very interested.

An institution in himself, Dev Anand has won all the major film awards. Energetic and creative at the age of 83, he stands tallest among the very talented Indian film fraternity. His quest for excellence is now taking him to Croatia, where he hopes to find some virgin and beautiful locations for shooting his new movie. Accompanied by his son, Suneil Anand, his Chief Assistant Director, Mohan Ramgopal Churiwala and Naveen Sharma, Author of an E-book on Croatia and General Secretary of “Croatia Calling Project,” Dev Anand is going to Croatia for the first time.

“Croatia has been calling me again and again,” he quipped while speaking about his many meetings with Naveen Sharma, author of an E-book on Croatia and General Secretary of “Croatia Calling Project”. He will also start his own company in Croatia, which will be managed by his son, Suneil Anand. This company may start a sound recording studio in Croatia. Dev Anand was earlier planning to set this up in Scotland, but now he has finalised Croatia. Dev Anand has a very big recording studio in Mumbai also.

“Celestial Joy, is the literal English translation of Dev Anand and Anand is a source of celestial joy and peace himself,” said Dino Debeljuh. ” We are very happy that Croatian-Indian relations will go many steps further with a single visit of this ambassador of love,” he said. Lauding the efforts of Croatia Calling Project, the Croatian ambassador mentioned that this historic visit is taking place within seventy five days of the initiation of the first contact with Bollywood.

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