Dabangg team screens film for and interacts with WWI students


MUMBAI: The team of the Salman Khan starrer Dabangg screened the film for the students of Whistling Woods International and also interacted with them.

Arbaaz Khan, Abhinav Kashyap and the editor of the film Pranav interacted with the students and the session was moderated by Subhash Ghai.

Kashyap said, “Everybody talks and makes films about the victims of corruption. I thought of getting to the bottom of it and asking why corruption exists. It does because someone is benefiting from it. I thought of taking the other way round this and talking about the beneficiaries of corruption and their lives. I think that was the unique take which appealed to the audience.”

Arbaaz said, “The amount of time that is spent on shooting the film was as important as the amount of time spent on not shooting the film, including the preparation and pre-planning of the film. To curb indulgences, we needed to be prepared so that even if you go wrong here and there, the margin of error is already built in. Also, we knew that the film needed visibility, which included marketing and promotion, which we did not curtail at all.”

On being questioned about the look of the film, Kashyap said, “I have always drifted to warmer tones. Influenced by the movie No Country for Old Men, which was a dark film but the warmth took away the darkness. The color palette then included only warm colors, there were no blues or cool colors at all. We made use of the tobacco filter and it worked just perfect.”