Dalai Lama blesses Buddha

MUMBAI: The $120 million epic feature film Buddha based on the life and teachings of Lord Buddha was launched by MCorpGlobal chairman Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi under the banner of M Films in Los Angeles recently.


This movie, an initiative towards world peace, received the blessings of the Dalai Lama, who has offered his continuous guidance and support to the movie. Among the guests present at the Los Angels Hollywood luncheon organized at Peninsula Hotel, Beverley Hills on the occasion of the anniversary of the World Trade Towers terrorist attacks, were Hollywood film actors, directors and scriptwriters including Sharon Stone, Goldie Hawn, Laurence Fishburne, Robert Downey Jr., Chris McGurk, and Carol Mendelsohn.


“We intend for Buddha to be a major event film across the globe. Acquiring the rights to world-renowned Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Old Path White Clouds is the first step in making this happen in a fashion that remains true to the extraordinary life story of Buddha. We’re confident this will be every bit the exciting epic Hollywood film we envisioned from the start,” said Dr. Modi.


Buddha will be shot in India, the US, Japan, China and Thailand.

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