Dancing to a new tune: Ritesh Sinha

Ritesh Sinha
Mumbai: Indian film makers are experimenting with their films and their stories, and Promise Dad surely looks promising as a British actor makes his debut in an Indian production, going against the norm.

It is all about the game of economics in Indian cinema and Indian producers have perfected this game. Some are lucky, while some not that privileged. However, Ritesh Sinha believes in playing the game according to his set of rules and beliefs.

One of the most promising Ice Skater from United Kingdom, Thomson has been cast as the lead hero in Ritesh Sinha’s latest film, Promise Dad. A father and son relationship based on today’s times, the film also sees Satish Kaushik cast in a stellar role. Talking about his casting, Ritesh declared, “I wanted to make a film that reflects my sensibilities. My film is about an ice skater and so I had to cast a professional who can also emote. In fact there are over 32 British Actors in my Film.”

“Promise Dad” is a story on the emotional connect between a father and a son. Thomson, who plays the lead as the young teenaged son in the film expressed, “Indian cinema is going global. Their films are released to a worldwide audience. And for me, it was an opportunity of a lifetime to play an author backed role in an industry which sees the maximum films being released annually.”

Satish Kaushik, a character actor par excellence has been eagerly awaiting for this film. He said, “It is a beautiful film. The character that I project is so subtle and understated, that shooting for it is a big challenge”.

For Ritesh Sinha Promise Dad is a well-planned feature after his long stint with an international film festival based in Italy, which was preceded by his acclaimed Award Winning Short Film, ‘War or Peace?’ where he cast Rhea Pillai (now Paes) in her first acting performance.

With Indian cinema changing its boundaries and going beyond the song and dance routine, filmmakers from India are now being given a huge platform to showcase their films and their talent and Ritesh Sinha may just be in the right place at the right time with his “Promise Dad”.