Dara Singh wants to go, but doctors won’t let him

Dara Singh

MUMBAI: At this very minute there is  a huge conflict going on between the ailing wrestler-star Dara Singh and the doctors who are treating him.

Dara Singh has made it clear that would like to go in peace.However his medical team will  hear none of it.

Keeping a 24×7 vigil  on  the ailing giant at the Kokilabehn hospital his son Vindoo Dara Singh says, “My father really didn’t want to go like this in so much pain. He is ready to go.But we are keeping him alive artificially and,sadly, against his will.”

On Tuesday morning Dara Singh was wheeled in for a CT scan. When the reports were irreversibly discouraging the dying legend grew more adamant about going.

Says Vindoo, “The reports are not at all encouraging.So my father is all the more determined to go. But the doctors are battling to save his life while Dad is fighting to go.”
Apparently Dara Singh has clearly told his family and doctors he wants no pain, only peace.

The family only wants what’s best for him.

Says Vindoo, “We want whatever Dad wants. We want his wish. That he goes peacefully.”

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