Darris Robins And His Company Mic Check Global Is On A Rise

Darris Robins

Darris Robins, the man is on a mission to better the lives of people. Since his childhood, he has been into writing and composing music. His love for music had no bounds and he would be awake all night preparing some wonderful compositions. However, his education life had been a bit messed up when he dropped out of college because of the ever-growing student loan debt in May 2012. However, he amassed over $100K+in student load debt which inspired him to learn the business of music.

To fulfil the basic necessities of his life, he started marketing his own music online which saw him garner a lot of followers. He left many people impressed with his work and his peers hired him as a freelance marketer for them. Apart from this, he was also being outsourced for a business after which he began with interview and vlog series for the local artists of his town.

The dedication of Darris in his work saw him starting his own company called Mic Check Global in November 2013. It is a marketing agency which focuses on social media growth of personalities and businesses to connect with their target audience and create a niche market for them. Later in 2015, he expanded his work with Mic Check Global Films which specializes in creating visual branding content on social media.

After tremendous success, he set up his first international office in 2018 in Cebu, Philippines. The reason behind opening an international office in the Philippines was to build a great business rapport with the Asians. His new venture focuses on hiring brand team ambassadors, sponsoring artist development programs and events and most importantly encourage intercontinental communication with the growth of entertainment all over Asia.

Mic Check Global is the first American/Asian company to embark on this venture to help emerging artists grow into full-time artists and entrepreneurs. Moreover, Darris and his partners in Cebu have sponsored students for education who cannot afford to go to private schools due to poverty and lack of opportunities. He aims to give education sponsorship to more than 100 students by 2020.

Since the last 5 years, Mic Check Global has helped hundreds of unsigned independent artists in their journey to grow a strong fan base. They are on a mission to help every artist achieve their dreams through education, making them understand financial management and help them connecting with their audience to turn their dreams into reality.

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