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Fitness has been a saviour for many- not just in physical terms but more in mental terms. It has saved people from complexes, enhanced their self-esteem, confidence. Fitness isn’t just about an hour on the treadmill or lifting heavy weights, doing rounds around a course. It is a “​state of well-being.” ​While technology has thrived and arguably made our lives easier, the passion for fitness is irreplaceable. While companies have thrived on satisfying human needs, Capitalism had made sure we are exposed to the stigma that makes us revaluate our body image issues. Advertisements portray the ideal body types which enhance our inferior complex and we end up wondering if we will be accepted by the society for our body or not.

There comes the role of a fitness trainer. They are indeed lifesavers. A ray of hope for everyone looking to change their body. One such inspiring story is that of ​Melissa Chalmers. ​Hailing from a fitness background and making it a part of her life, Melissa is a Fitpreneur who is transforming thousands of lives by giving women the confidence boost they needed. While companies bank on policies like crash diets, depriving your body of much-needed food, starving yourself to reach that fat loss goal, Melissa focuses on the healthiest way to lose fat or gain muscle.

‘StrongHer’, her new app— is all about workouts, nutrition, and different programs that will help you stay healthy and fit. Since its launch, over 90,000 women have used the platform globally, with around 10,000 active subscribers on the app at the moment.

The key to her success is flexibility- while good quality nutrition and a fit lifestyle is the cornerstone of the app, it allows users to tweak some habits so that the transformation is never at the cost of not enjoying life. This is what makes the app so desirable. This makes it an ideal solution not only for stay-at-home mums with young children
but also for working women who are always on the go; you can do your workouts
anywhere — at home, in a hotel, on the beach — so there are no excuses for giving up
your fitness routine.

As she hails from a fitness background, Melissa knows how difficult it can get to maintain consistency in this area and even get to the gym for many working professionals. She has designed the app in such a way that allows women to get their workouts done at the comfort of being at home after a hectic day.

“StrongHer bridges the gap between you and your goals and provides women with the tools, they need to empower themselves through fitness, regardless of where they prefer to train,​” Melissa said.

While there are thousands of people still suffering from body image issues, Fitpreneurs like Melissa continue to make the journey easier for them and provide a ray of hope for people across the globe, boosted their mental health and changed their whole outlook towards life. The science of fitness if revolutionalising every day and there are new ways by which people can look their best selves.

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