David Dhawan keen to release Rascals with Varun’s Desi Boyz

    MUMBAI: Father David and son Varun Dhawan, who are currently shooting a film each, may soon create history. If all goes well, their respective films – David’s Rascals and Varun’s Desi Boyz – would be released on the same Friday.
    David, an emotional father and an incorrigibly prolific film director, is keen that they come together on the same Friday.
    David tells Businessofcinema.com, “I’d love to have both my son’s and my film being released on the same Friday. It would give me a great high to compete with my own son, and an even greater high if his film does better, much better than mine. But I don’t know if Varun and I can release our films together. I know he’s releasing Desi Boyz on 25 November. I may have to release Rascals earlier.”
    Rascals producer Sanjay Dutt and David are thick friends and David will broach the emotional subject of releasing his film alongside his son’s.
    “Sanju and I go back a long way. He’d never say no to me,” says David with conviction.
    The proud and possessive father has recently seen some portions of his son’s directorial debut, and that too on the sly.
    Laughs David with paternal pride, “Varun would not let me see him shoot. I went for the mahurat shot of his film and that was it. After that I’ve never visited his set or location. He doesn’t want me to and I don’t want to be around to make him feel selfconscious.”
    Unable to keep away from his son’s maiden attempt, David recently sneaked a dekko at some rushes of Desi Boyz.
    “And it was the most moving moment of my life. Mera beta jawaan ha gaya. His style of filmmaking is very different from mine and yet there’re distinct elements of my trademark style of direction. It’s a great fusion of tradition and individual talent,” he says.
    David is proud to be the only active father-son filmmaking duo in Bollywood (Ramesh Sippy stopped directing before his son Rohan started). But his proudest moment would be to release his film alongside his son’s.
    Varun Dhawan is shooting for Desi Boyz in Oxford. “I would have loved to join him for a few days but I didn’t. I sent Varun’s mother to be with our boy. I’ll just wait,” says David.