Deepika Padukone gets romantic with ‘Reluctant’ Rajinikanth



MUMBAI: Earlier this week Deepika Padukone flew to Chennai to shoot a romantic song with Rajinikanth.

The number, an ultra-romantic love duet, was choreographed by Saroj Khan and we hear Ms Khan, known to make screen-couples sizzle on screen with their chemistry, had planned some scorching-hot moves between the two.

But God proposes, Rajinikanth disposes.

Apparently Rajinikanth post his illness has become acutely conscious of his age and the age-difference with his leading lady. Rajinikanth apparently asked his director Soundarya who also happens to be his daughter to ..err, modify and change the love scenes. It took Deepika’s intervention to convince the mega-star to cuddle and get lovey-dovey for the song.

Says a part of the Kochadaiyaan team, “Rajni Sir wanted the romantic movements and gestures to be watered down. But Deepika insisted on letting them be. She in fact made sure Rajini Sir was comfortable.”

When quizzed about the romantic song the Kochadaiyaan producer Dr. Murli Manohar said, “It’s a brilliant romantic song. A duet with classical undertones. It’s not a classical dance number, as wrongly reported in the media. A R Rahman has outdone himself in the song. It’s an extremely romantic song with classical elements woven into it. But it isn’t a classical dance number.”