Deepika Padukone & Katrina Kaif clash yet again


MUMBAI: First they were in the news for their friendship with Ranbir Kapoor and now they are in the fray to be the lucky mascot for an Indian Premier League (IPL) team.


Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are the brand ambassadors for Dr. Vijay Mallya’s IPL franchisee – Royal Challengers Bangalore.


After the breakup of Deepika and Ranbir and then the blossoming friendship between the same actor and Katrina Kaif became public, the two actresses have been in the eye of many a storm. So it was decided that the two girls would not be seen together cheering and supporting their team during a match.


While Katrina was chosen for the team’s first match against Kolkata Knight Riders in Kolkata, Deepika gamefully flew to Bangalore for their encounter with the Kings XI Punjab. And with the team having played pathetically in the first game and then coming out with flying colors in the second game, this has now heightened the rivalry between the two girls.


And so are the players of Royal Challengers Bangalore. While some are loyal supporters of Deepika, there are others who favour the tall leggy beauty from the United Kingdom, Katrina. Robin Uthappa, who fashioned the win in the last game said, "I fancy Katrina," while Virat Kohli, the youngster from Delhi admits, "There is something about Deepika."


So with the two beauties having their own fan following amongst the players, one hopes that this does not result in any mutiny amidst the ranks.