Delhi 6 revenue share terms resolved in multiplexes’ favour


    MUMBAI: The musical chairs between multiplexes and Delhi 6 producers reached a conclusion late Thursday evening in the favour of multiplexes.

    As was reported by, Bombay and Delhi terms were settled for 48:52 and 38:62; Gujarat’s terms are 45:55 and 35:65 (UTV:multiplexes) for the first two weeks. The bone of contention, however, were the terms for the rest of India.

    While UTV wanted 50:50 and 40:60 revenue share for the first two weeks, multiplexes were quoting 48:52 and 38:62, which was the same as Bombay and Delhi terms. The conclusion reached on Thursday evening was that of 48:52 and 38:62 for All India, whereas 45:55 and 35:65 for Gujarat — a decision that is clearly in favour of the multiplexes.

    UTV Motion Pictures vice president distribution Suniel Wadhwa confirmed to that the revenue sharing terms were resolved. However, he declined to comment further on the issue.

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