Film: Dharm

Producer: Sheetal Vinod Talwar

Director: Bhavna Talwar

Cast: Pankaj Kapoor, Supriya Pathak, Hrishita Bhatt, K K Raina, Daya Shanker Pandey

Releasing on: 8 June, 2007


Pandit Ram Narayan Chaturvedi(Pankaj Kapur) is a Hindu Brahmin priest who lives by his belief in the ‘true Hindu way of life’. He fastidiously, almost fanatically, practices his religion, as per the ancient Hindu scriptures.

He follows the prescribed rituals of prayers as well as the social practice of casteism, which ordains that he is a Brahmin, the most superior human caste & then there are others, including Sudras, who are untouchables.

His life has been following an uninterrupted pattern of rituals and prayers for the past thirty years… when a child comes into his life and shakes the very core of his beliefs.