Dhoni’s day with Hakim Aalim

MUMBAI: Indian cricketer Mahinder Singh Dhoni has just got another hair make over done. Gone are the days when he used to sport the typical long hair. A visit to Hakim’s Aalim from his busy two day trip to Mumbai before the Championship Trophy left him leaving with a Jim Morrison look and he seems quite pleased with it.


Aalim was more than happy to work on Dhoni because like most of us, he also happens to be one of his great fan. And by the look of it, we’re guessing it’s the other way around now.


Apart from a hair cut he also got cornrows, a hair colour change done to bluish black as well as a temporary tattoo done. And you bet, Dhoni seemed extremely content with the fabulous job they did on him. Infact Dhoni was so impressed that he actually ended up put on the  hairdresser’s accessories and pretend to be one with the scissor in his hand and a hairdresser’s pouch in the other.


Dhoni apart from his good looks, and of course cricket, is usually more in news for his hep style and trendy hair do’s and once again he has adorned a new look. Guess we will have to just wait till the 15 of this month to get an eyeful of this heartthrob of our Indian cricket team in his retro look when they play against England. And now we know, Dhoni happens to be the latest addition to the Aalim ever long fan list.

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