Disney Channel airs Diwali contest


MUMBAI: Banking on the upcoming festive season of Diwali, Disney Channel is telecasting a watch and win ‘Diwali Dumb Duma Dum’ contest, every evening between 5 – 8 pm.


The interactive three week contest contest will have two on-screen families, the Pickloo’s and the Lal’s vying with each other in a dumb charades game. To win prizes, viewers will have to pick one of the on-screen families and earn points by sending the correct answers of the on-screen enacted movie or show via SMS.


The participants also get the opportunity to collect bonus points by guessing the double dumb dare. The contest has special features like ‘fastest finger first’, ‘hidden clues’ and ‘pop up trivia’ questions during other shows on the channel. The maximum number of correct entries will win video games every week.


Three lucky grand prize winners will receive a home theatre system at the culmination of this three week contest.