Disney Channel premieres original animation series Fish Hooks


MUMBAI: Disney Channel is all set to take a dive into the entertaining and funny underwater world of Bea, Oscar and Milo inside a giant fish tank, with Fish Hooks – an original Disney animation series set to premiere on 30 April, 2011.

The show features the young comic, Saloni Dani in her first ever voice acting role as the voice of Clamantha, the over enthusiastic clam in Fish Hooks.

Created by famous children’s book illustrator and author Noah Z. Jones, the series is set inside a giant fish tank in Bud’s Pet Shop and revolves around three tween fish, Milo, Oscar and Bea who attend Freshwater High School. Saloni plays the voice of Clamantha, Freshwater High’s most unique personality, while popular Disney Channel host Murtuza stars as the voice of Milo, and Ashish Juneja, who played “Zee” in Disney Channel’s Kya Mast Hai Life is the voice of Oscar, Milo’s brother.

The series chronicles the daily lives of these three fish pals as they experience typical challenges of high school, including friendship, dating and sports, along with more atypical fish-related challenges like giant lobster attacks and school field trips to the hamster cages.

Saloni said, “I love Disney stories and I am enjoying myself playing Clamantha in Fish Hooks. I like Clamantha very much, she makes me laugh!”

Walt Disney Television International India executive director content and creative Arnab Chaudhuri said, “A school of fish, what can be funnier! Fish Hooks is a hilarious series featuring a sub-aquatic take on the traditional high school theme. Memorable characters coupled with humour make Fish Hooks a must watch.”