Disney India, Lenovo launch branded PCs


    MUMBAI: Lenovo and Disney Consumer Products unveiled a new Lenovo 3000 H limited edition Power Rangers Mystic Force themed desktop.

    Targeted at children, the limited edition desktop features a red skin with the superheroes of the Mystic Force series. With a view to appeal to children and youngsters of today, the graphic has been designed by 3M’s technology, 2 ControltacT. The red skin forms a colorful and sleek casing around the curves and contours of the PC symmetrically, offering a bubble and wrinkle free finish. This is the first time this technology has been applied for desktops in India.

    “Disney is combining cutting-edge technology with fantastic storytelling to create unique entertainment experiences that continue to delight consumers worldwide. Our brand represents an escape into a magical world, where Disney wonder, stories and characters come to life before your very eyes,” said Disney Consumer Products (India) director Roshni Bakshi.

    The Lenovo 3000 H limited edition Power Ranger desktop comes with a standard 17” LCD monitor, and is powered by the IntelR CoreT 2 Duo Processor E 4400 2.00Ghz. The desktop also comes with 1GB RAM, a 250 GB HDD, 16XDVD +RW drive, in-built modem, Power Ranger branded speakers and an optical mouse. It is preloaded with Microsoft Vista Home Basic edition and features a special anti-bacterial keyboard from Lenovo.

    “Today, PC purchasing decisions in the family are largely driven by the demands and needs of youngsters. Besides being tech savvy, children today look for style and individuality, besides pure functionality. The Lenovo 3000 H limited edition Power Rangers desktop has been designed and developed, keeping all these requirements in mind, making it the ideal computer for youngsters. This product has all the right elements blended into one- it’s personalized, stylish, fun, and most importantly, offers worry free computing for both parents and children,” said Lenovo India vice president – marketing Rahul Agarwal.

    Intel India OEM Business director Prakash Bagri added, “The new PC is based on the IntelR CoreT2 Duo processor, which is great for those who want an outstanding multi-media and gaming experience. It provides exceptional performance for highly threaded digital media creation software and ultra realistic games for gamers and PC enthusiasts who perform multiple complex tasks simultaneously. The IntelR CoreT2 Duo processor also operates more smoothly when multiple applications are running, such as writing e-mails while downloading music or videos and conducting a virus scan, offering a great computing experience for children.”

    The Lenovo 3000 H limited edition Power Ranger desktop will be rolled out in phases. In the first phase the desktop will be available in six cities – Mumbai, Lucknow, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Delhi from 6 August, 2007. The desktop will soon be available nationally and is priced at Rs 40,100.