Disney India ties up with Vardenchi Motorcycles to create TRON bikes

    MUMBAI: Walt Disney Pictures has tied up with Vardenchi Motorcycles to create custom-built TRON bikes.
    “Walt Disney Pictures is committed to creating immersive experiences for our audiences across the country. TRON fans across India will get an opportunity to win these futuristic machines through a nationwide contest that will be launched soon,” said Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (India) director marketing and distribution K Seshasaye.
    Vardenchi’s have made these TRON light cycle bikes using a branded 153CC bike to create futuristic machines on 2 wheels. These bikes have neon and LED lights, adding to their gleaming and aesthetic look. This is Vardenchi Motorcycle’s first-ever entry into movies association.
    Vardenchi Motorcycles CEO Akshai Varde said, “Building the replica of the Tron Light Cycle for Disney has been one of the most exciting projects I have worked on. The modern Sci-fi design will appeal to not only Bikers but people of all ages and interests. The makers who worked with Disney to create the original TRON bike have done a marvelous job of creating a fantasy bike of all times. I personally, would love to own one!”
    TRON: Legacy is releasing worldwide in 3D on 17 December, 2010.