Documentary films catching on with digital technology


MUMBAI: According to M.I.F.F.-2010(Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films) director and Films Division Chief Producer Kuldeep Sinha, documentary film culture is not there in India but with the advent of digital technology it is fast catching on.


Sinha says that 40 or perhaps more documentary film festivals that take place annually in the country are an indication of growing popularity of documentary films in the country.


The 11th edition of M.I.F.F. organized by the Films Division will be held from 3 to 9 February, 2010 at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Nariman Point, Mumbai. The Festival is held with the support of the Government of Maharashtra.


From this edition of the festival, International and Indian competition sections have been merged into one Competition Section. Another salient feature is a new award being introduced for Best Student Film/Video. The award money has also been enhanced from this M.I.F.F. in each category and the total award money now is Rs. 22.75 lakhs along with Golden/Silver Conches in different categories of Competition. Dr. V. Shantaram Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to an Indian film maker for his/her contribution to documentary film movement, with cash award and trophy.


Apart from Competition Section, there will be screening of Retrospectives and Special Packages, Spectrum India, Seminars and Open Forum during M.I.F.F.-2010. In Retrospectives & Special Packages, Jury’s retrospectives, Women packages, Oscar nominated films, films on cinema legends and unsung heroes of Indian Freedom Movement and in Country Focus, films from Bhutan, France, Chile, Argentina as well as Student’s package from FTII, SRFTII, NID etc., are being showcased.


So far, M.I.F.F. has received 864 entries from 37 countries which is an all time record. The Selection Committee consisting of eminent film makers, journalists and critics has already started previewing the films, the total duration of which crosses more than 400 hours.