Dostana deals for Abhishek Bachchan & John Abraham


MUMBAI: Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham not only make a great on screen couple, but surprisingly, they also have a lot of similar ideologies. And one aspect common between the two actors is that they will not endorse any product they don’t believe in.

Speaking to, Bachchan said, "I do not endorse colas because I personally don’t drink any aerated drinks. It would be cheating my fans who will then believe that I drink cola. So I have refused to endorse any cola product."

And the same principle follows for Abraham who refused a Rs 70 million (Rs 7 crores) deal offered to him by Rupa Macroman. His funda was similar to AB’s, "Since I do not wear Rupa Macroman and will never wear it, how can I endorse such a product. It is out of the question."

In tinsel town, very little importance is given to principles. Fame and money reign supreme in the film industry. But both Abraham and Bachchan beg to differ. Perhaps that’s what makes them a perfect couple.