DQ Entertainment seals animation deals


    MUMBAI: At MIPCOM 2007, Indian animation and gaming company, DQ Entertainment sealed partnerships with American Greetings Properties, Classic Media, TAFFY and MoonScoop for three animation series – Twisted Whiskers (an American Greetings Property), Maryoku Yummy and Casper‘s Scare School.


    Twisted Whiskers has characters, which are cats and dogs as pop-eyed pets that are soon to be launched with new CGI entertainment.


    Maryoku Yummy is a series targeted towards pre-schoolers between the age group of two and five. The series follows Maryoku an adorable Yummy who lives in a quirky, fantastical world where all children’s wishes go to be fulfilled.


    The third series, Casper‘s Scare School is about the very famous and popular friendly ghost who still can’t scare anyone. In this new cartoon series, entirely made in 3D, Casper begins taking some very strange lessons in how to be really mean, at a new school. Despite all the classroom lessons and the hands-on experiments, Casper makes no progress in turning his boo scary for humans. < Page Break >


    DQ Entertainment Limited executive producer and CEO Tapaas Chakravarti said, “DQ Entertainment is very proud to partner with American Greetings, Classic Media, MoonScoop and Mike Young Productions in order to produce entertaining cartoon series- Twisted Whiskers, Maryoku Yummy and Casper‘s Scare School. Each of the series has its unique attributes. Whilst Twisted Whiskers has been a favourite with all age groups for several years especially the pet lovers, Maryoku Yummy is about wishes and their fulfillment targeted at pre-school kids. DQ Entertainment has a 50:50 partnership in this project, needless to say the entire DQ family is very excited. Our third project is the very loved friendly ghost- Casper where he is very unsuccessfully attending classes to learn how to scare people. We are very happy that Casper is making a comeback with us. On the corporate front I am proud to say that these partnerships have reemphasized India‘s position as a serious player in the world of animation and entertainment.”


    American Greetings Properties vice president of production and development Sean Gorman said, “We look forward to Twisted Whiskers continued success as an entertainment property. In addition to being very popular with pet owners and animal lovers alike, the off-kilter look and attitude of the characters gives them strong cross-generational and cross-cultural appeal with everyone – kids, tweens, teens and adults.”


    Mike Young Productions co-founder, partner and president Liz Young added, “Twisted Whiskers has quickly become one of those great brands you find nearly everywhere in the world. Working with American Greetings to bring these characters to life has been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever encountered, and our partnership with DQ Entertainment ensures that this fun will translate onto TV screens worldwide in a program on-par with some of the finest animation found anywhere. We look forward to previewing the series for broadcasters next year.”


    Speaking of Maryoku Yummy, American Greetings Properties studio chief Jeffrey Conrad said, “Maryoku means ‘magical’ in Japanese, and the characters grew out of doodles that I created over the years. I’ve always been fascinated by the landscape prints from the Edo Period because they create a visual journey that inspires both philosophical and poetic reflection. Combining the iconic characters with such a beautiful world, and having it come to life in animation, is amazing. We are very excited about partnering with DQ Entertainment to bring Maryoku Yummy to life in animation.”


    MoonScoop’s executive producer on the series and co-CEO, Nicolas Atlan informed, “Casper is clearly one of the world’s most beloved TV characters and we’re looking forward to delivering more new fun adventures for his fans. The experience and talent of the production teams at MoonScoop and DQ Entertainment will ensure that episodes of the new Casper series will feature some of the finest animation in the character’s history, as well as rank among the fans’ all-time favourites.”