Dum Maaro Dum makers get court order to blur Frankfinn logo before release

    MUMBAI: The makers of Dum Maaro Dum have been sent an order by the court asking them to blur and mask the Frankfinn Logo and Model before its worldwide release on Friday, 22 April,2011.
    Businessofcinema.com had earlier reported that the film has been embroiled in controversies one after the other. While all the other controversies have been cleared, the latest one where Frankfinn had filed suit before Delhi high court for permanent injunction restraining infringement, dilution and tarnishment of its trademarks, in Dum Maaro Dum was yet to be cleared.
    However, the producers  have admitted to tampering with Frankfinn Logo and  have agreed to effectively blur and mask the Frankfinn Logo and Model before its worldwide release.
    Frankfinn VP – Marketing and Corporate Communication Samir Valia said, “The impugned twisting and dilution of Frankfinn’s trade mark by the film producers of such a stature was highly uncalled for. The message is clear that no one should be allowed to misuse the IPR of such organisations which have painstakingly built their reputation with years of hard work toil and expense of huge amount of money. This shall also set a precedent for other Bollywood producers who think that they can play with the reputation of any individual or corporate and go scott free because of their name and fame. Now Dum Maaro Dum shall go to the theatres tomorrow with the Frankfinn logo blurred and asked.”