Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun to release theatrically in Germany, Austria, Italy


    Mumbai : Though generally Bollywood films get released on DVDs abroad, except for Shah Rukh Khan’s and other big budget films that release in theatres, Sanjay Sharma’s Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun is going to see a theatrical release in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, all with largely German speaking populace. Dunno Y… would be the first small budget film to be released in theaters in these countries.

    Dunno Y would be targeting the Germans as well. That is why it will have German subtitles or may even get dubbed in German in the second phase of the release in November, which follows the first phase in September. German distributors are queuing up to get the film.

    Dunno Y… is the first Indian film about serious gay relationships. It is generating a lot of curiosity globally… as it is proving from the international awards that it is winning. The German distributors also realize the potential of the film and so impressed were they that they hunted for lead actor Kapil Sharma’s email id! "Those guys read about the film in their local newspapers and also on the Internet and requested me and I sent them a screener of the film and they really liked it. So, the deal is on and we are working on a contract now," says Kapil.