Ekta Kapoor gets candid on the promos of Ragini MMS


MUMBAI: Balaji Telefilms creative director Ekta Kapoor, who is ready with the company’s next film – Ragini MMS – was asked to tone down the shocking promos of the film.

Ragini MMS is being pitched as a sensuous paranormal film, shot as if in real time where a couple’s dirty weekend soon turns into something that is beyond the realm of human understanding… "something metaphysical… something paranormal."

The Censor Board made Balaji tone down the promos of the film. However, Kapoor maintains that though shocking, there is no vulgarity or no overt sexuality in the film.

Kapoor explains, “I am clearly shocked. We are projecting it as a paranormal horror and we are saying it very clearly in the promos. It is about a couple, who go out of Mumbai for a weekend. It is about what happens to the girl and what she experiences. You can relive their experience.”

“You get to see the film through various cameras. It’s voyeuristic horror. We are actually telling a story with a format where we are saying the guy is bugging the place. We are showing it the way it is done,” adds Kapoor.

Ragini MMS is slated to release on 13 May, 2011.