Emraan Hashmi escapes fatal accident during shoot of Crook

MUMBAI: Actor Emraan Hashmi escaped a fatal accident in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday while shooting for his upcoming movie Crook. The movie is being produced under the banner of Vishesh Films and directed by Mohit Suri.


Hashmi said, “We were shooting on a freeway at Melbourne one fine evening. I was driving a car behind a rig vehicle, which had a camera mounted on a crane arm. My car was at a distance of approximately 10 feet from the rig vehicle. Suddenly, the camera demounted from the crane and fell off. I was driving at a speed of 100km/ hr and could not afford to swerve. So I had to drive over the camera. The camera broke into pieces and as a result my car went 2 feet off the ground on impact. I was fortunate that my car didn’t go off the freeway. But that was one moment when my heart missed a beat. Hats off to all those stuntmen and actors who risk their lives while performing dangerous action sequences. Adequate security measures are taken on sets, but there is always the risk of a mishap. ”