Endemol, UN partner for music reality show


MUMBAI: Endemol India, in association with the United Nations (UN) in India is planning a music-based reality show to promote the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


The concept has been developed by Endemol India to take forward the messages on some key socio-economic issues through an interactive and entertaining medium.


The eight Millennium Development Goals are a concrete manifestation of the Millennium Declaration endorsed by all 192 UN member countries. The declaration provides a roadmap to reduce poverty and address issues of education, health and environment.


The celebrity studded reality show titled Ustaad, will involve personalities, artistes, musicians and singers coming together to promote the eight Millennium Development Goals. Each episode of the show will contain messages on the significance of the goals and the need for achieving them in India.


Endemol India managing director Rajesh Kamat said, “We are delighted to partner with the United Nations and United Nations Millennium Campaign to introduce this exciting new format for Indian television. Ustaad brings together two powerful mediums, namely television and music, to provide a platform to reach out to audiences across India with key social messages.  It is the result of a vision; one that I believe will set the benchmark for more such shows in the future.”  


United Nations Millennium Campaign director Salil Shetty added, “Due to the large concentration of the world’s poor and malnourished in India, if India does not achieve the Millennium Goals by 2015, the world will not achieve them. For the marginalized people of India the Goals offer a real hope to share the benefits of India’s economic growth through better education, health and livelihoods. This unique tie-up with Endemol through Ustaad will help us share the importance of realizing the Goals with the average Indian TV viewer in a simple and exciting way.”