Escapism, essential for entertainment: Jaffer


MUMBAI: British film maker and director, Michael Jaffer whose film ‘Full Circle’ is being screened at IFFI-2007 believes that Indian films have great entertainment value since they take the viewers into an altogether different world which provides a possibility to escape the real harsh world in which we all live.


Jaffer stated, “I have grown up watching Indian films and I am inspired by the manner in which they entertain people.” He described his film “Full Circle” as a purely fictional effort to provide pure escapism and entertainment to the viewers.


Commenting, on the influence of Hollywood movies on British cinema, Jaffer conceded that it was difficult to compete with the mighty Hollywood machine, but expressed the hope that the unique identity and culture symbolized by British cinema would be retained. Asked about his views on the future of Art Cinema, Jaffer opined that it was a cinema with greater depth and should therefore continue to exist, though he forecasted that such cinema would eventually be able to find more and more viewers through TV and DVD/VCD formats rather than through widespread theatre screenings.


The director also evinced interest to look for co-production opportunities all around the world including India and expressed openness to consider making a film in Hindi as well. ‘Full Circle’ is Michael Jaffer’s first mainstream English film.