Essel Group launches lifestyle retail venture


    MUMBAI: Subhash Chandra’s Essel Group has launched its premium lifestyle – retail venture called Epincion.


    Brainchild of Essel Group retail venture Fab 5 Merchandise Co managing director Kaveeta Goel, this endeavor will house designer wear, jewelry and artifacts. The venture, which flags off in Mumbai plans to expand to other metros and international destinations like Dubai and London in the coming years.


    Rohit Bal, Shaina NC, Neeta Lulla are among the designers who will showcase their creations through Epincion.


    The novelty of the project is that apart from the established modern-day designers, the venture will also house age old crafts and creations found in the Interiors of India in their traditional authenticity.


    Says Kaveeta Goel, “During our trips across the country, we found that many of the dying age-old crafts have been inspiring modern designs over a period of time, and have a demand in the growing neo rich class in India and abroad. This endeavor also aims to provide these unknown–unsung craftsmen an opportunity to share a platform with the best designers in the country.”


    The label was launched by Essel Group promoter Ashok Geol. The ensuing fashion show and exhibition showcased the works of designers.


    The range, which also includes jewelry and high-end artifacts mainly silver ware are priced at a premium. Adds Kaveeta Goel, “One the reasons for the premium pricing is the use of authentic material in the creations, which have been comprised over the years by these craftsmen due to declining demand and problems in marketability.”