Excel launches films on gaming consoles

MUMBAI: Excel Home Videos has partnered with Twentieth Century Fox to release movies that are compatible with gaming consoles.

The movies, says a release, are available on UMD (Universal Media Disc) and can be viewed on Play Station Portable gaming consoles. The titles that have been initially released on the format include Alien, Alien Vs Predator, Aliens, Day After Tomorrow, Garfield: The Movie, I – Robot, Ice Age, Independence Day, Mr And Mrs Smith, Phone Booth, Speed, Here’s Something About Mary, Transporter and The X-Men.

The UMD format is an optical disc medium developed by Sony for use on the PlayStation Portable and can hold up to 1.8 gigabytes of data, which can include games, movies, music, or a combination. In an effort to combat piracy and maintain exclusive control, the UMD Disk format is proprietary, and neither blank media nor media writers are available to the public, says the release.

says Excel Home Videos managing director M N Kapasi, “The initiative focuses on the ongoing convergence of various media and enriching the cinema experience for our viewers since it can be viewed in transit.”

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