Excel releases What Happened in Vegas on DVD


MUMBAI: Excel Home Videos has released What Happens In Vegas on DVD along with some other romantic comedies and classic love stories.

Some of the other films released on DVD include Titanic, Pretty Woman, Cocktail, Shall We Dance, When Harry Met Sally, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, One Fine Day, Enchanted, Mystic Pizza, Hope Springs, Waitress, Say It Isn’t So, Shallow Hal and Someone Like You.

Excel has also released two movies from the world cinema genre namely The Lovers and Head On.

What Happens In Vegas is about two mismatched strangers who get married during a drunken whim and are forced to endure each others habits and idiosyncrasies in order to cash in on the prize money each claim to own – only to find themselves falling for each other in spite of their opposite personalities. The movie stars Cameron Diaz and Aston Kutcher.